July 28, 2015

The Best Small Business Networking in #KWAwesome is #WRTalk

From kwprofessionalorganizers.com

There are lots of great ways to network in Waterloo Region and one of them is #WRTalk

#WRTalk is transforming the way small businesses in Waterloo Region communicate and connect; making the process easier and more economical for start-ups.

The networking hashtag was the vision of Mallory Manchur who is a local social media and inbound marketing manager.  Manchur wants everyone in #KWAwesome to know that #WRTalk is free and not gimmicky. She has no plans of monetizing off of her idea ensuring that the participants get to participate in honest and free networking.

Who is participating in #WRTalk?

#WRTalk now has 1 751 Followers

The majority of engagement is primarily Twitter with a community of 1 751 organic followers. The networking hashtag has only been in existence since October 2014.

What makes #WRTalk different from other networking events?

Manchur says that it’s genuine and not just a stack of business cards that may be meaningless. Participants can choose the businesses that they want to engage with and continue conversations with. Participants also don’t need to worry about paying a few hundred dollars to be a part of #WRTalk.


January 14, 2015

 Image credit:  Strong Start to Reading

#Smash4Cash a Smashing Success

 From www.strongstart.ca

What started as a simple tweet, quickly turned into something bigger, much bigger. #WRTalk, managed by Mallory Manchur, is a hashtag used every Wednesday evening by individuals in Waterloo Region to network with local businesses and other community members. While we (Strong Start) were online to promote our volunteer opportunities, @wrtalk, @dolphinvp, @MalandCo_Mal, @ThreeKretans and @dolphinvp decided to throw a fundraiser in support of our early literacy programs. What a kind and generous idea!

The event ran the week of the Book of Mormon (Dec 9-Dec 14) at the Three Kretans restaurant. Each night from 6:45-7:45 restaurant patrons and community members alike could smash a plate in support of literacy. Raising a total of $780.00, we couldn’t be more grateful for the support. Thank you very much to all who came out to support this event and the #WRTalk team. Your gift will help young children in our community learn to read. 



About Strong Start

Strong Start® began as a community project in 2001, to help ensure that all our children learn to read. It is supported through: financial donations from corporations, individuals, community groups, service clubs, charitable foundations. gifts of time and talents from hundreds of volunteers who experience the joy of making a difference in the lives of many children. 

November 10, 2014

 Image credit:  Spoke Online

Image credit: Spoke Online

A new way to network in Waterloo

From spokeonline.com

"Business networking has become an increasingly popular tool in the past few years – a way for business owners to gather together, exchange ideas and garner interest in their companies. It is also a tool for applicants to meet employers in their desired field and build a contact list which could help lead to an interview or even a job in the future.

Now, Waterloo Region has taken business networking to the next level with the help of a local business owner and a hashtag.

It is a virtual networking event for business owners, potential applicants and students in and around Waterloo Region called #WRTalk..."