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Nicole Baumgartner is the owner and creative mastermind behind MOD Custom Catering. Since opening in 2015, Nicole has been offering personalized, full-service catering and event planning for corporate and social events ranging from 10 to 100 people. 

Nicole prides herself on running a business that always exceeds customer expectation and allows customers to express themselves through food. “Food is meant to give you a break from reality, to help you celebrate, or to give you a moment to indulge in what you desire. I like to give my client's exactly what they are craving, and then amp it up by bringing a creative buffet display, or to surprise their taste buds with flavours that knock their socks off - like Five-Spice Sweet Potato Chili  or homestyle classics like Chicken Pot Pie, but topped with Homemade Cheddar & Chive Biscuits ... goodbye boring!"

Cooking and entertaining is not only her profession, but also how she spends much of her spare time. “Work and what I enjoy doing are one in the same. I love cooking, entertaining, creating new dishes and sharing them with the people I love. I’m always on the hunt for new and creative food items and buffet presentations, and find it so exciting because it helps create conversation among guests, and adds to their overall food experience.”

Nicole has an extensive history in the hospitality industry ranging from event coordinator at Appetizingly Yours Events and Catering to working with the Waterloo Inn and Whistle Bear Golf Course. “During these roles, I knew there was something missing - the ability to be creative in menu and event design - not only for myself, but for my clients. So often people are presented with 'fixed' menus or pre-made 'packages' that don't suit their needs or wants. I'm here to break that mold, and embrace what makes everybody, and their events, different.”

MOD Custom Catering is currently offering no HST on all orders, so clients get more 'bang for their buck' and more food to enjoy!


What made you want to start your own business? 

It is something I had contemplated for a few years now - having the ability to be my own boss, truly love what I do every day, and work with clients on events that will leave their guests buzzing for days afterwards, because their taste buds and senses are still craving more!

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

The willingness to create a personalized experience for my clients, as well as offer fun and funky ideas that will make their event stand out. I also create all of the dishes from scratch so I’m able to accommodate all kinds of food sensitivities and love to focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients offered local suppliers & farmers. 

What does your typical day look like? 

Some mornings I can enjoy a cup of coffee while answering emails and surfing the web - others, I am up at 5 a.m., beginning to prep, pack and get ready for an event, and then may not return back home until 2 a.m.!

What do you wish you knew (but didn’t) when you started your business? 

How important it is to reach out to your current network and beyond, because you never know who is going to be your biggest advocate. Some people have really surprised me, people I never would have expected, to step up and say, "I believe in you and want to help however I can," and actually mean it. 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs in Waterloo Region? 

Strive to be different and stay authentic to yourself and why you started the business. Don't shy away from something because you think it won't get well received or that it puts you out there too much. Be so good –people can't ignore you!  

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MOD Custom Catering
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