#WRTalk was created by Mallory Manchur, a local social media manager. After living in the U.S., Mallory returned home to Waterloo to find it had drastically changed. ION construction was set to begin, new buildings and condos were changing the Region's horizon, and many new businesses had opened.

The idea of a Waterloo Region-based Twitter hashtag event came in mid-September 2014 as a way to reconnect with the community, and the first #WRTalk was up and running by October 1.

Businesses in Waterloo Region who use #WRTalk find new clients, make new business connections, and organically increase their followers and post reach. A few short months after it began, #WRTalk turned into an event that delivers impressive social reach and engagement. 

#WRTalk is completely FREE to use. The meetups are also FREE to attend thanks to the support and generosity of our sponsors. We believe you shouldn't have to pay to access the network of greatness here in Waterloo Region. We don't sell memberships, charge subscription fees, or collect cover at our events. It's just good, honest, free networking and community building in the fantastic Region we're lucky enough to call "home."